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Dec 27, 2012 5:00pm PST
senators say they will meet with president barack obama tomorrow. this as members of the u-s house are set to return to washington on sunday -- just one day before the deadline to pass budget deal. if congress does not reach a fiscal deal before monday's deadline, automatic tax increases and steep spending cuts will take effect. an in depth look at where everything stands right now -- and we'll be talking live with our political analyst -- tonight at 5:30 >> breaking news. retired general norman schwarzkopf has died in tampa, florida. known as 'stormin norman' because of his explosive temper, he commanded the u.s.-led international coalition that drove saddam hussein's forces out of kuwait in 19-91. he lived in retirement in tampa, where he had served in his last military assignment as commander-in- chief of u-s central command. that is the headquarters responsible for u.s. military and security concerns in nearly 20 countries. he was 78. no one was hurt. storm on the way. >> borrowers, that took out a loan. could possibly have found some issues. dan kerman turks of the story from ther
Dec 28, 2012 5:00pm PST
left until the fiscal president obama says he is "modestly optimistic" that a the fiscal cliff.. he met with congressional leaders at the white house today. calling the meeting 'good and constructive. update.saying people just don't understand in just a couple of days people's paychecks are going to be considerably smaller and that would be the wrong the thing to do for our economy and middle- class families and bad for businesses that depend on family spending. >> catherine: if there's no deal by midnight on the 31st. a series of tax hikes and spending cuts will automatically kick in. our political analyst michael yaki is here. we are getting a little bit of the detail what are you hearing? >> the latest news is that they are coalescing around a tax increase only of $400,000 in income. there will also patch the and, and haggling on the estate tax. and possibly the fix for doctor's reimbursement for senior medical services. for medicare. and extending unemployment benefits and also heckling if they're going to continue the $50 billion for domestic defense spending for later. that is
Dec 31, 2012 5:00pm PST
impact of hurricane sandy. seaboard. >> we cannot secure this. >> one more story? >> call meet maybe. >> to ha call me maybe and tan mom >> general petraeus the endeavor the red lines the releection of barack obama gabe slate tech report >> this terror >> our hearts are broken today for the parents, the grandparents, the sisters, brothers of these little children. maybe god bless. and in the words of scripture, he'll the broken hearted and buying up their wounds (music) >>> welcome back everyone. it all fell into place for the 49ers yesterday. a fairly convincing win at home.division title. and a first round playoff bye. colin kaepernick passed for a career high 276 yards.2 touchdowns and no interceptions in the niners 27-13 win over arizona most of them to michael crabtree who also had a career day with 8 catches for 172 yards and two touchdowns as the niners clinched the west with a 27-13 win over arizona and frank gore cemented his place in 49er history with his franchise best 51st rushing touchdown - he's now the 49ers all time leader in attempts, yards and touchdowns. 49ers are
Search Results 0 to 2 of about 3